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The Importance of Working with a Financial Advisor to Plan and Manage Your Future

When you decide to go on vacation, do you plan-out where you want to go, what you want to do, and how much you want to spend?  Do you currently have a detailed plan for your retirement, which includes: at what age do you want to retire?  How much money will you have saved by then?  Where will you live in retirement? And, how much do you estimate you will need each year in retirement to maintain your standard of living?

As reported by CNN Money, In a survey by Charles Schwab of 1,000 retirement savers, more than half said they had spent five hours or more doing research the last time they bought a car, and 39% said they spent more than five hours exploring vacation possibilities. Meanwhile a mere 11% said they had spent that amount of time evaluating investment options for their 401(k).  In fact, around one-third of savers said they spend less than an hour on investment research.

Small portions of our lives, such as vacations, may be easier to plan,  but when faced with  planning our whole financial life, it is natural to become overwhelmed by the task.  Utilizing the skill and experience of a Financial Advisor is the smart way to go.  A financial advisor will save you money by avoiding costly mistakes,  will  informing you of investment opportunities, and keep you on-track towards your goals, with encouragement, a detailed plan, and accountability!  Another survey showed that those that worked with a financial advisor had saved more and were better prepared for retirement than those that did not work with a financial advisor.

A financial advisor will uncover your biases and misinformation you may have about investments, and assist you in taking emotion out of financial decisions.  Unfortunately, many people make financial decisions based solely on emotion rather than on sound financial principles.

What can I expect to pay?

The fee that a good financial advisor charges is well worth the benefit received.  Our fee for financial planning is based on your individual goals and the complexity of your finances.  We do not work on a commission basis for financial planning or investment management.  Our fee is a fixed amount ( $500-$10,000) for the initial analysis of your finances and your goals and subsequent recommendations within the plan.

You will receive a written analysis of your current position, which includes recommendations to improve your situation in order to reach your goals.  Our planning process is very detailed and will involve multiple meetings and discussion to discover your goals, outlook and experience with investing, your family situation, tax situation, insurance/trust needs, and so forth.

After a financial analysis is presented to you and discussed, we will partner with you with following-through with the changes you would like to implement.  Subsequent work for you on your financial planning or investment management will be discussed with you prior to the commencement of any further work, and will be billed separately.  Our fees are very reasonable, based on the experience and expertise of our financial advisors.